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Bethany was asked to leave the family home after accusing a family member of assault and was placed in supported accommodation. After battling addiction and homelessness, with Key's support, she's ready to take the next step on her pathway to independent living.

Bethany*, 16, was asked to leave the family home after accusing a family member of assault and was placed in supported accommodation with another provider. While there, she went on to take and become addicted to prescription drugs and use other substances, which escalated after losing two of her best friends to suicide.

During the planned demolition of the supported accommodation, alternative housing was sourced in the community where Bethany became a victim of people she considered friends; they gathered at her home, making threats to enter, damaging the property and leaving her scared and vulnerable. Bethany needed more intensive support to keep her safe and was moved to Key’s purpose-built supported accommodation project, Askins Lodge.

Bethany settled into her new accommodation well and engaged during support sessions, stating she felt safe in her new home, which had not been the case for a long time. Gradually, she felt able to disclose more information about her addiction and past trauma.

While living at Askins Lodge, Bethany stopped her substance abuse without intervention from drug and alcohol services. Although this support had been offered, Bethany was motivated to achieve abstinence on her own. After three months, she remained drug-free and optimistic about her future and, having acquired the skills needed for independent living, was considered ready to make the next step.

Bethany’s next move was into one of Key’s single occupancy, ‘fledgling’ cottages attached to the main accommodation block and she continues to thrive, remaining substance free. She continues with regular support sessions and keeps her home immaculately. She looks forward to her future and is focused on becoming fit and healthy.

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*Please note that names may have been changed and stock photography used to preserve the anonymity of this young person

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