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Lee was 16 when he was asked to leave the family home due to his drug use and frequent arguments with his mother.

*Lee was 16 when he was asked to leave the family home due to his drug use and frequent arguments with his mother.

Key was contacted by the council’s early help team to try and resolve the family conflict and get Lee back home.

Following an initial meeting to identify their core issues and how our service could help, both parties agreed to 3-way mediation with Key’s Prevention Worker. Lee and his mum were encouraged to discuss what they both wanted to achieve from the sessions and with Key’s support, they started working on repairing their relationship.

Lee began visiting his mum at home, gradually increasing the duration and frequency of visits until they both felt ready for him to move back in permanently. There were some initial issues, but by following the plan they had agreed through mediation, their communication is now much improved, and any arguments are quickly de-escalated.

With additional support from Matrix drug service, Lee’s drug use has significantly reduced. He is now settled back into school and engaging well with teachers. Mum has learnt to take a step back and listens to her son so both can have positive conversations. Lee has grown in confidence and matured to an extent that he can now confide in his mum as well as offer her support too when needed.

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“Since meeting Dave and having appointments with him, we worked together to help Lee. We discussed all my concerns and the problems I was having with him. We then made a plan to help Lee get back to his normal self. It took a bit of time and patience, but Dave has been there for help and support. Nothing was too much trouble. We finally worked towards getting Lee back home where he belongs. If it had not been for Dave‘s support, I don't know if I would have been able to write this. Because of Dave, we are now back as a family and things are great.”

Lee's mum

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