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Paul was supported by Key into his own flat and from there into employment.

Paul was supported by Key into his own flat and from there into employment.

He first became a resident at Flavia House, one of our supported accommodation properties, following parental breakdown.

Initially he needed a lot of support around motivation, raising self-esteem and gaining independent living skills.

Transferring to one of our ‘move on’ properties gave him the opportunity to run his own home and become more independent. From there he was ready to make the next step and was helped to successfully bid for his first council flat.

At this point, Paul also felt ready to start looking for work and Key supported him to achieve his goal of finding employment. Along with support completing a CV, job applications, and interview techniques, Key staff concentrated on the nitty-gritty practicalities of the job search process that Paul would need to consider.

Together they discussed the pros and cons of various forms of employment/contracts, looked at different public transport providers to give him an understanding of travel times/routes, helped him calculate likely travel costs and determine a realistic job search area. Paul was also given practical support to get to interviews where applicable. He was eventually successful in gaining a full-time, permanent job at a fast-food restaurant.

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