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Yasmin was finding school very difficult and was unable to cope, which led to her prolonged non-attendance; after a three-month absence, communication with her school had broken down altogether.

Following referral to Key’s Family Intervention Service, it was clear the root of the issue was that she was struggling with academic demands and pressure relating to achievement expectations due to her poor basic literacy and numeracy.

Key advocated with the school on Yasmin’s and her family’s behalf and enlisted the support of the appropriate professionals – educational psychologist, local children and young people’s service and alternative education provision.

Yasmin is suspected of having learning needs and was subsequently referred for an autism diagnosis to outline the support she needs. She is currently completing her education under medical tuition while waiting for a place to become available at a local special school.

Key secured an education bursary to purchase some fun educational resources to support her learning at home.

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*Please note that names may have been changed and stock photography used to preserve the anonymity of this young person


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