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Lisa Coates

Flavia and Strickland Team Leader


Despite a successful career, spanning over fifteen years, in retail management, Lisa had always felt more of a calling for a role in the health and social care sector but obtaining the necessary experience and qualifications while holding down a full-time job, and family responsibilities, had been a struggle.

Following redundancy, she jumped at the opportunity to join Key as bank staff where she was keen to make more of a difference in people’s lives and gain the skills and experience, she would need to progress in this new field.

Over a period of eight years, experience of multiple roles across the organisation has helped her prepare for and obtain her latest role of Team Leader. A range of health and social care qualifications acquired along the way have complemented her professional development.

“Working for Key is the best job I’ve ever had; every day brings something different but no matter what we give our young people 110% and encourage them never to give up, that together ‘We’ve got this’.”