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Marie Burnett

Poverty Prevention Team Leader


With over 20 years’ of experience in the retail sector, including supervisory and management responsibilities, Marie instinctively knew it was time for a career change when she saw the role with Key advertised.

The newly created position was not only a natural fit with her extensive retail experience but also offered the opportunity to work for an organisation whose values were more aligned with her own. She now oversees both Key to Life Foodbank and the soon-to-launch Key Community Bus, both vast and complex operations in their own right.

Marie has been able to draw on her extensive retail experience to streamline operations and ensure processes and workflow are as efficient and effective as possible. She line-manages a team of 40 volunteers.

Growing up within a large family, Marie has experienced first-hand the challenges and pressures of balancing the household budget which provided the motivation for wanting to ‘make a difference’ and support those in hardship.

“As a committed Christian it’s so fulfilling to work for Key and be part of the amazing work it does across South Tyneside, not just at the food bank but with children and young people too. It’s a real privilege to lead a team of such dedicated volunteers and see the difference we can make to people’s lives by showing a little care and compassion”.