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Ross Allen

Chief Executive Officer


Ross has worked at Key since 2009 and has nearly twenty years’ experience of working in the housing and voluntary sector.

Ross has particular expertise in housing management and has utilised this to increase KEY’s property portfolio, which now supports over 50 young people in multiple properties.

Ross oversees KEY’s strategic and operational development, leading KEY through a sustained period of growth enabling the organisation to support more young people and deliver KEY’s mission to strengthen our community.

“I am lucky to lead such a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, who embody the values of our charity and the local area. Despite being one of the most deprived areas in the United Kingdom, or perhaps because of this, South Tyneside has a strong sense of community and generosity that is truly humbling. To be able to witness the direct impact we have on improving the lives of young people and families in the area provides the motivation to continue to develop this fantastic charity to meet growing needs”.