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Key Homes

For over 30 years, Key’s provided a range of housing advice, support and accommodation services to young people at risk of homelessness, and their families.

Key provides young people at risk of homelessness with a safe and stable place to call home while they receive bespoke support to move forward to independence and to achieve their potential.

Supported Accommodation

Starting with a safe place to live, we aim to empower and motivate young people by giving them the support, knowledge, and confidence they need to live independently.

We provide a stable and supportive environment in which young people can develop vital skills for independent living, access training and education, and address any wider issues such as family relationships, drug or alcohol use or mental health concerns.

While they are with us, they’re encouraged to establish a positive daily routine, lead a healthy active lifestyle, and find something they enjoy doing to improve their prospects and sustain their independence, as well as to become good citizens and contribute to their community.

Askins Lodge

Askins Lodge is a high quality, purpose-built supported accommodation project, located in Hebburn, serving the whole of South Tyneside.

Askins is staffed 24 hours a day and comprises 18 comfortable, fully furnished, en suite bedrooms; 2 communal lounges; a spacious and well-equipped residents’ kitchen; a gym; an education/training room; mediation suite, and a large private garden with patio terrace.

With a hall of residence type feel, and a range of on-site activities, Askins has been a huge success and gone some way to addressing the shortage of accommodation for vulnerable young people in the borough. During a typical year, we would expect approximately 30 young people to be accommodated and supported there.

The acquisition of this flagship property has enabled us to help young people with a wider range of needs. We can provide emergency beds for those with immediate need, and temporary accommodation, for up to 6 weeks, for young people in conflict with their parents and/or experiencing family breakdown.

Askins Cottages

The additional acquisition of eight, single occupancy, cottages, attached to the main Askins Lodge block extends the range of accommodation that KEY can offer to meet the differing, and often complex, needs of young people presenting as homeless, as well of course as the number of beds.

The ‘fledgling’ terraced cottages provide a steppingstone between supported accommodation and independent living, where residents can benefit from ongoing support and the security of 24-hour staffing, until they have gained the skills and confidence to secure their own accommodation.

Flavia House

Flavia House is a truly special place. The impressive 5-bed Victorian terrace, located in the desirable Lawe Top area of South Shields, enjoys fantastic sea views, including of Tynemouth Priory and both ‘mouth of the Tyne’ piers and lighthouses. When residents need some time out, they’re spoilt for choice with access to local parks and the sea front literally on the doorstep.


Strickland House

Just around the corner from Flavia House, 4-bed Strickland House offers the same kind of set-up but on a smaller, cosier scale for young people who might be stepping out from under the roof of their parents for the first time and need a more homely atmosphere to provide a bit more comfort and reassurance.

Move-on Properties

We operate eight ‘move-on’ flats for those young people deemed ready to live semi independently. These offer a steppingstone between supported accommodation and independent living, where young people benefit from ongoing support until they have gained the skills and confidence to secure their own tenancies from either Housing Associations or the private rental market.

"A service that helps turn you into the person you want to be, with all the tools you may need to live independently."

Young person living in one of Key's supported accommodation properties

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