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Guy Readman Rising Stars Programme

Careers interventions

Key is helping more than 30 young people aged 15-18 per year, for up to two years, through its Guy Readman Rising Stars Programme.

The newly established programme has been developed as a peer mentor/navigation service to deliver work that inspires and informs a select group of young people about the options available to them, and then supports them to navigate their way ‘through the system’ towards a chosen career, training, and/or further education pathway.

Key established the new scheme through a grant from the Guy Readman Rising Stars Programme at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Expanding horizons

Key is identifying and supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them fulfil their potential.

Eligibility criteria

The charity is working in partnership with target schools, as well as with its existing client group and their extended cohort, to identify ‘bright but burdened’ young people aged 15-18 who would benefit from additional support.

The programme is targeted at those excelling academically and with good school attendance who may have barriers (e.g. financial, family dynamics, lack of careers advice) holding them back from progressing.

The aim is that at least 22 Rising Stars will move into higher education or meaningful training or employment per year.

If you, or someone you know, meets the above criteria and would like to apply, please get in touch using the contact form below, or give the team a call on 0191 496 9713.

Bespoke support

Key’s Rising Stars Mentor (part-time) provides intensive tailored support to the young people identified to participate in the programme, collaborating with individuals to explore options pertinent to their experience, aspirations, and situation and address any barriers or challenges to their success.

The objective is to identify skills, talents and passions and translate into future career or business opportunities, for example, supporting young people to explore options around apprenticeships, further or higher education, to navigate the realities of business start-up or build and use networks to find out about jobs or get information, advice, and support.

The mentor supports the young person to develop a detailed Personal Growth Plan (PGP) which will include goals and milestones and will be a working document which is reviewed regularly throughout the programme of support to measure the distance travelled and outcomes achieved.

Additionally, a bursary fund provides financial support with associated expenses where needed, such as clothing and equipment or travel costs.

Championing success

Peer support is key to the programme and Rising Stars Champions have been identified from among the young people Key has previously supported who have achieved their goals and are fulfilling their potential to assign to participants to support them through their journey.

A cross sector group of inspirational volunteer peer mentors, experts and leaders in their field, add capacity to the above. Each aspiring young person is matched with an appropriate mentor who can support their career development, and the relationships will be managed and nurtured by a member of the organisation’s senior management team.

Participants will also have access to Key’s enrichment programme, which enables its young people to access opportunities and make connections to broaden their horizons that more affluent youngsters routinely benefit from, for example, visits to parliament, meeting with local MPs and other members of ‘the great and the good.’

A young person’s background should be no barrier to aspiration, attainment, or achievement in 21st century Newcastle.

Philanthropist Guy Readman's vision

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