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All aboard our Key Community Bus!

Our vision and values

Belief is Key

Local at every level
We are focussed on our communities and our young people

Social Conscience and ownership
We all have a responsibility to take ownership for our lives and our impact on the people we come across

A vocation not a job
We do this because we believe it matters

Passionate about making a difference to lives
We love seeing the positive impact of what we do

Social inclusivity
We won’t let social, economic or other disadvantages stand in the way of our clients achieving their goals

Success measured by distance travelled not profit
We measure our impact by seeing our clients thrive and succeed in their lives

Trust and respect
We will deliver on our promises and have faith that this promotes mutual respect and confidence in all relationships

Talent is Key

Recognising talent and unlocking potential
We believe everyone has a valuable contribution to make and given the right circumstances can achieve their goals

Building confidence, competence and self-esteem
We believe that self-efficacy is the first stage to a successful future

Empowering others to shape their futures
We give our clients the building blocks on which to plan healthy, productive and purposeful lives

Empathic and non-judgmental
We recognise that everyone makes mistakes and what matters is how to learn from them and grow as a person

Tolerance, acceptance and understanding
We will never let stigma, stereotyping or false perceptions influence our support to our clients

Embracing diversity and creativity
We believe that society is richer for the diverse perspectives and input of everyone

Adaptable with a personalised offer
We will flex our business model to explore new opportunities and ways of working and our support offer will be personalised to the bespoke needs of each client

Excellence is Key

We have a highly qualified, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced team who deliver a first-class service

We act on what we know and use this insight to develop our service offer

Reflective and learning
We continually reflect on experience and use this to learn and inform great practice

Sustainable and diverse business model to support core mission
We use our resources and funding responsibly and prudently and with a focus on providing sustainable solutions for the future

Enterprising and ambitious
We are alert to new opportunities and will take calculated risks to enhance our service offer

Driven by ethical practice
We pride ourselves on operating to the highest ethical standards in our interactions with all stakeholders

Adding value at every stage in the journey
We aim to delight and surprise in the difference we will make

A Beacon of excellence
We continually strive to be the best in our sector

Partnership is Key

Family orientation – in the home and in the community
We promote a family ethos in our approach to every area of our business

Prevention first
We believe in supporting families to overcome conflict at an early stage and set things back on the right track

Role modelling
We walk the talk and don’t expect anything of others we won’t commit to ourselves

Holistic approach to transforming lives
We know that no one person has all the answers and work in partnership to become more than the sum of our parts

We are stronger together and will collaborate across teams in pursuit of a common goal

Kindness, humility and compassion
We have a human face and approach every situation with care and genuine concern

Friendship, fun and humour
We foster supportive relationships in an environment where we enjoy our work and smile as often as possible